Many of you know the Toyota Yaris as a popular subcompact car. Automatic windshield wipers help you keep your hands on the wheel when roads are slickest. The crash aversion technology protects your precious cargo and you in case of stopped or slow vehicles in your path.

When water hits the pavement, oil, gasoline, and other vehicle fluids combine to create a super slick surface. Fiddling with the speed of your wipers can be a distraction. With the automatic rain sensing technology, the Yaris matches the wiper speed to your driving speed.

The Yaris alarms drivers if you are approaching a slow vehicle. If you do not respond fast enough, the safety system slows the car itself. Do you want to feel safe driving? We at Toyota of Laredo want you to understand the importance of the safety features on the 2019 Yaris. Feel free to stop by a for a test drive.



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