Knowing How To Read Tire Sizes Is Great For Every Driver

As cars change, so do their tires. If you drive a sedan, an SUV, or a large truck, tire sizes affect how you negotiate the open road. Many vehicles are equipped with chassis that allow variances in tire dimensions, but some older vehicles require specific types. It is good to have knowledge of the specifications clearly marked on the outside of your vehicle’s tires.

Drivers are always looking for tires that fit their driving styles. There is always a set of numbers displayed on the the outer surface of tires sets. They usually include a tire model number, separated by a hyphen, and another set of numbers. The second set of numbers is the most important.

These describe the tire’s rim width and thickness. For instance, when you see the numbers R16, it means that your vehicle is riding on tires that fit wheels that are sixteen inches in diameter. Many vehicles can run smoothly with various types of wheels and tire sizes. Choosing a tire size has everything to do with economy and aesthetic appearance.

If you need to replace a worn tire, or need to buy a completely new set, the Toyota of Laredo service center can help. An expert opinion will help you choose the tires that best suit your driving habits. Standard sizes are great for seasonal needs, but other sizes can change the feel of the driving experience. Call our tire center to find the right size of tires to fit your car and driving style.



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