Oil Viscosity Ratings Protect Engines

Motor oil lubricates engines and reduces heat. Friction and heat can ruin an engine. The oil must meet the vehicle's specifications; it must flow quickly in warm and cold weather. The viscosity rating describes the rate of flow. The first number is the cold rating, followed by the letter W, and then the warm air rating. Thicker oil flows slowly; thinner oil flows more quickly. The blend of thick and thin oils, such as 10 W 30, protects the engine in all conditions.

Most drivers know the importance of getting the right motor oil at the proper times. Oil can eventually break down and lose its ability to lubricate and protect vital engine parts.

At Toyota of Laredo, we have expert technicians standing by to service your vehicle. We offer a wide selection of motor oils, and we can meet the manufacturer's requirements for your vehicle. Please call for an appointment or drop by our location today.



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