Look at Some of the Toyota Prius V Performance Features!

The Toyota Prius V has become a popular hybrid hatchback because of performance features. The Toyota Prius V comes with a very unique feature that keeps you safe at high speeds. Once you activate the Adaptive Cruise Control, sensors mounted on the front of your vehicle scan to maintain a safe distance between you and the lead car. Once clear, your vehicle resumes that desired speed automatically. 

Once you shift your new Toyota Prius V in reverse, that is when you are given the chance to get a clear view of all things moving or stationary behind you. As soon as you're in reverse, the center console screen turns into a camera monitor, clearly showing you anything that could be in your path.

Here at Toyota of Laredo, we have a number of the Toyota Prius V in stock available for you to get behind the wheel for a test drive.



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