2018 Toyota Prius Prime Stands For Efficiency

The Toyota Prius Prime is perhaps the most well-known plug-in hybrid vehicle. Many owners have relied on the Prius over the years for economical transportation. Now, the new Prius Prime has added many performance features that are a welcome bonus.

Driving a hybrid doesn't have to be boring. With the Prius Prime's EV Mode for driving, you'll get a boost of power at highway speeds. Additionally, the Prius Prime uses a dual motor system that increases acceleration and efficiency. In the end, the Prime is not your average hybrid. The Prius stays close to the ground with its specially designed low center of gravity. The chassis was built low to make the vehicle more aerodynamic for high speeds and tight turns. The suspension has also been reworked to be more responsive, and to provide the smoothest ride possible. You'll love the way the Prius Prime feels on the roads.

Don't just read about the Prius Prime, drive one! Toyota of Laredo can show you why the Prime excels in performance and efficiency.



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