Signs Your Tires Need to be Replaced

Don’t let your tires sideline you. It’s easy to forget about checking the tires on your vehicle when it’s running properly. They are a very important aspect of your car’s driveability, and it only takes a few minutes to check them once a month.

If you have a quarter handy, place it between the tread with Washington’s head facing down. You shouldn’t be able to see any space between his head and the top of the coin. If you do, that’s an indicator that tire replacement is necessary. If you don’t have a coin, you can still check your tires. Look for the wear bars between tread patterns. They are horizontal bars placed in six places throughout the tire. If the bars are flush with the tread, that’s also a sign that you need to change your tires immediately.

We’re here to help at Toyota of Laredo. Don’t hesitate to stop in and ask one of our knowledgeable technicians to check your tires. If it’s time for replacement, we can help you with the correct options for your vehicle.

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