Just How Important is Ventilation?

Pets are so adorable and need attention too. How you handle them is what determines how they also treat you. Traveling with them is also an act of appreciation and showing them you value them, especially when traveling during the holiday season.

Ventilation is a crucial aspect when going on a trip with your pet. Check to confirm that your heat and A/C works well for adequate air circulation. One thing about pets is that they can’t sweat like we do when it gets too hot. Therefore, if your AC is not working well, there are chances that they may suffocate to death. Dogs also can be sensitive to cold temperatures, much like humans. When you make a pit stop and rush to the nearest shop to buy something you probably forgot to buy, leaving your pet is not advisable. This is because they can’t survive in a closed car with no ventilation especially in extreme weather conditions.

Wondering if your car is fit for your pet? Contact the auto service center at Toyota of Laredo today to have your heat and A/C checked out as well as the other components on your vehicle. After all, a safe pet is a happy pet!

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