Early Drive of the 2018 Toyota Camry Promises More Fun


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In recent years, Toyota has made its Camry into an even more eye-catching and fun-to-drive car than ever before. But America’s bestselling midsize sedan isn’t finished yet. The 2018 Camry, which was unveiled in January, has promised to raise the bar without watering down its reputation as the go-to daily driver. According to MotorTrend, who got to sample it in prototype form, the bar most certainly sits higher than ever.

Toyota has never shied away from simplicity in the driving experience, but with people prioritizing a greater dash of fun, they decided to deliver. The MotorTrend reviewer found the Camry to be more sophisticated in its driving feel—erasing any mushiness for a more precise and controlled experience. Everything from the brake pedal feel to throttle response is crisper and confidence-inspiring, while cornering provides a rush without losing composure. For a first impression of a popular car like the Camry, this speaks volumes about the work Toyota has done.

And we can see it getting even better as it’s midsummer street date approaches! If you’ll be shopping for a car around then, contact our Toyota dealership in Laredo, TX and we’ll schedule you to take one for a spin.

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