Drive safely this winter season with the proper wiper blades

When you live in a climate that sees significant changes in weather, your vehicle often gets the brunt of it—in winter especially. Here at Toyota of Laredo, we strive to keep our customers informed of proper seasonal maintenance, and acquiring winter wiper blades is one of the many ways to ease the stress of the season.

Winter conditions can weaken regular wiper blades remarkably. Not only can the weight of the snow bend the wipers, but the cold weather can also cause the rubber to stiffen up and even tear. Winter wiper blades, on the other hand, feature a sturdier frame to support and move heavy snow from the windshield. Additionally, they are made with a softer rubber, which helps with flexibility in low temperatures and combats tearing. The framework and its parts are also protected, as the rubber acts as a shield and prevents snow and ice from getting clogged between the pieces.

Winter wiper blades are designed specifically to handle below-freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall with ease. Contact our dealership to learn more about winter blades and how to obtain your own set.

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