All-Wheel Drive or Four-Wheel Drive: Know What's Right For You

Sometimes it is assumed that All Wheel Drive (AWD) and Four Wheel Drive (4WD) are basically the same, but the systems are quite different. The decision to buy either will be based on needs and budget. Both can improve handling on slippery surfaces and can improve handling in some instances, but not braking or overall safety.

The two systems are ideal if you live in an area with unpaved roads, snow or lots of rain. AWD is typically found on cars and crossovers and 4WD on trucks. The systems power the wheels in different ways. The greatest benefits of these systems are improved traction and towing in adverse conditions. Some of the drawbacks to these systems are cost, reduced fuel economy and increased maintenance.

If you would like to explore your options with AWD or 4WD come visit us at Toyota of Laredo and we will be happy to assist you.
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